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Clarke County Fair Contest

Sunday, August 9, Following Opening Ceremony


Rules and Duties

  1. Each contestant must be a resident of Clarke County.
  2. Each contestant must be at least 13 years of age by August 9, 2015 and not over 15 years of age by January 1, 2016.  A contestant must be female who has always been female; of good moral character; one that has not at any time been convicted of any crime nor has any criminal charges pending against her; one that has never done any act or engaged  in any activity which is or could be characterized as dishonest, immoral, indecent, or in bad taste. This includes information and photos on My Space, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and any web pages or any other electronic means.
  3. The winner will be available the entire week of the 2015 Clarke County Fair to give out ribbons and awards and follow fair schedule of events as needed as well as any events throughout the year that the director feels she needs to attend. (ie, Ruritain Awards dinner, Homecoming parade, Christmas Parade, Long Branch Easter, etc.)
  4. Contestants will be judged on personality wear, evening gowns and overall personality. Top 3 or 5 will be asked an on-stage question.
  5. All contestants MUST attend 2 of the 3 practices for pageant, most importantly the final dress rehearsal.
  6. A black & white headshot photo must be emailed to Pat Gaston at  pat.gaston@yahoo.com  by the application date. If email is not available, a CD with the photo is acceptable.
  7. Each contestant is required to submit a black framed (stand-up) Black & White Photo to be used for the Photogenic Contest.





Registrations can also be mailed or emailed by the deadline.

Download PDF Form


Deadline to Enter: July 28, 2015

Contact #: 540-837-1658 / cell 540-247-3462


Email a black & white photo to:              pat.gaston@yahoo.com

Email or mail Application to:                  Pat Gaston

                                                             238 Vista Lane

                                                             White Post, VA 22663




Congratulations to the 2015 Pageant Winners

2015 Miss Clarke County Fair Winner

Tamara Davis

1st Runner Up: Madison Palmer

2nd Runner Up: Helena St. Clair

2015 Junior Miss Clarke County Fair Winner

Olivia Hummer

1st Runner Up: Hannah Bryson

2nd Runner Up: Mikayla St. Clair

2015 Little Miss Clarke County Fair Winner

 Jocelyn Tyler

1st Runner Up:  Lilly Huckabee

2nd Runner Up: Lyla Stotler